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5 Signs You Are Being Led Astray By Your Friends

There is nothing better than having friends who I'll support you and give you the best advice when the need arises. Unfortunately, not everybody has the luxury of having good friends to roll with, these same people do not have who to advise them against the kind of company they're keeping. Here are a few signs you are being led astray by the person you call your friend:

Your friends are fair-weathered

A fait weathered friend is someone who will only stick around when things are good. On the other hand, when things get messy and difficult, they are nowhere to be found. These kind of people only latch onto you because they want to benefit from everything you're doing but would never give you advice that will benefit you.

They aren't there for you

A friend is supposed to be around whenever the need arises both in good and bad times. You get to realise your friend isn't a real one when he or she finds it difficult to be available when you need them the most. Anytime you have a problem, they're always nowhere to be found

They always seem to need something from you

This is a perfect example of a friend who will most likely lead you astray. They see you as a money-making machine and would want to suck up every income they see you make.

They're competing with you

Friends are supposed to have each other's back. A friend who is trying to lead you astray will see everything with you as a competition. This is so because they cannot stand the idea of you being better than them in any aspect.

They make you feel bad about yourself

If your friend constantly makes you feel bad about something you did instead of comforting you, you need to do a way with this person immediately. People who do this are only agents of darkness sent to bring you down to a point where you feel hopeless.

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