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What really is happiness?

When I have this I'll be happy.. 

When I have that I'll be happy.. 

When I buy that, or when I get that, I'll be happy, is the biggest and greatest threat to real happiness and fulfilment... 

We can't deny the obvious fact that we all have been trained to view happiness and grade it according to what we have been able to accomplish.. 

But is this actually true? 

Do you think after getting your dream car that you have always prayed and worked very hard to buy, you think happiness will come after? (I once heard a saying: the money we spend on our loved ones gives more joy than the once we spend on ourself )..

You think the crown that gives a King respect and honor, gives him happiness? 

Many rich families, even with enough assets still find it hard being happy.. It's strange to many, but deep down, you know it's true... 

Don't limit yourself to material joy, it's just for a moment, real joy and happiness isn't in something, it's in you.... 

It's like having a dream house with no one to live with ,you get to the pool alone, go to the garden alone, take your meals alone, watch movies alone... It's your dream home.. But is that your dream life? 

Don't deny yourself a good and better life, start right now... 

Get your mind right, don't wait for something before you get happy (sometimes hard), it's not foolishness, don't wait for people to make you happy.. 

A man who can make himself happy is a fulfilled man {{happiness comes from what we do„ fulfillment comes from why we do it}} ……

 Real happiness isn't outside you, it's inside you... Find it……

Thanks for your time, hope it helps.. 

Please do follow and comment.. 

God bless you

Happy day to you my friends 

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