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Lionshare Registration: It's really hard to trust someone even if you're helping them, check this

Nowadays trust issue is now a problem faced by a lot of people in our society, particularly Nigeria Africa. You might be thinking that you're helping someone whereas the person is smiling somewhere else calling you a fool and other abusive names because you trusted the person and you are helping them.

It'll be so surprising to hear the little amount of money some individuals do tarnish their image for. An incident happened to me recently about Lionshare smart contract registeration which made me to discover that even if you're helping someone to make some financial breakthrough in life, they'll end up making you to regret it.

The incident has thought me some lessons which i think I'll really adhere with. This was how it happened:

As we all know that lionshare smart contract registeration is still on and people are struggling to join the platform, but some individuals couldn't register because they do not have the total amount of Ethereum needed for the register. On a normal ground, it is 0.04eth but gas fee will be included which will make it to amount upto 0.07eth or more.

So yesterday, as a team leader i was registering some new team members, and one thing about me is that I get referrals for my team members so that they can grow. During the registration, a lady chatted me up that she's not having enough Ethereum to register because the gas fee was somehow high during the time.

She even sent in screenshots indicating that she was not having enough gas fee for the registration. But actually out of pity, i sent 0.04eth into her wallet so that she can register, on receiving the ethereum into her wallet, she ended up chatting funny and finally blocking me on Whatsapp.

It wasn't actually the ethereum that pained me most, but what will the person achieve with the total ethereum she got from me. I thought I was helping her to make things straight with Lionshare smart contract, but she disappointed me and makes me to understand that this life is not balance at all.

Now if i conclude that I'll never help anyone with the registration again, even if they require 0.04eth, is it my fault?

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