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'African parents would beat him' - People react to a video of a child damaging a tv

Nowadays children are behaving in an irresponsible manner and both the parents and the child are meant to be blamed for this. Recall that the video of a Nigerian boy recently surfaced on the internet and the boy could be seen destroying his mother's property.

In a video trending on the internet, a young and white skinned boy could be seen jumping around happily then he went to his dad's television before damaging the television by pushing it down and hitting hammer on the television multiple times.

The video got a lot of Nigerians talking on twitter about how their parents would punish them if they were the one that damage any of their parents' belongings.

In the video it could be seen that the parents were shouting and begging the boy not to damage the television but he did not listen to his parents.

Click to watch the video

Many Nigerians on twitter find the video funny while others criticized the parents for training their child poorly. A Nigerian twitter user identified as Nifemi said "If it was African parents they would have punished him".

See the reaction of other Nigerians below:

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