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5 Habits That Totally Destroys Relationship

Relationship are built on trust and respect. There are many reasons why couples break up and most of this can be prevented if only both partners have the willingness to see and understand the things that are really causing the problems in the first place. Both of these are hard to earn back if you destroy them.

1. Your lack of love for yourself

Don't let your world revolves around your relationship you have to live a life outside of your romantic connection or run the risk of losing yourself in the process. It's not real love when you give every part of you to someone

2. Habits of skepticism

If you have a habit of doubting your partner in everything they do say then it is going to bring your relationship to a lower level

3. You are constantly comparing your partner with your ex

You have a new man in your life for a reason. And while your ex may have done things differently, reminding your partner about it doesn't really help.

4. Snooping

A lot of people can't stop the temptation of snooping through their partners stuffs, but the truth is that you do all that because you don't trust your partner

5. Expecting your partner to read your mind

It's amazing to find lovers expecting their partners to read their mind when something is wrong. Your partner isn't a magician so when there is an issue, try talking about it with your partner and also remember to do it at the right time too

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