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"What should I do, before I can propose to her in public?"

We have seen a few viral recordings of open recommendations turned out badly on the Nigerian side of internet based life; tragically, that has and won't be the remainder of such scenes to occur. 

Numerous individuals around the globe have additionally encountered this sting of open shame at some point. Not exclusively are open proposition bombs interesting yet, it is likewise miserable simultaneously. It takes guts and a solid conviction to announce your adoration for somebody openly. 

In any case, to abstain from transforming yourself into a fool, there are a few things you should be certain of before proposing to your accomplice out in the open.

Discussion About Marriage Ahead of Time. Because your relationship appears as though it is bound to be, doesn't promise it will prompt an ideal marriage. Honestly, there are no ensures with regards to marriage.

It is ideal to have genuine discussions about marriage with your accomplice so as to know whether the individual in question is eager to settle down simultaneously as you. These discussions additionally let you in on how this present individual's concept of marriage. 

Ensure you are both 'on the same wavelength' .

This ought to be an easy decision however deciding by the sort of negative show that occasionally accompanies open recommendations, you should be twofold certain that your accomplice adores you as much as you love the person in question. In case you're in an uneven relationship.

Be assured she loves you as much as you do.

Don't be so blindfolded not to realize if she loves you as much as you do.Before making the proposal public,you should beat your chest hard in affirmation that your woman would do anything for you.

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