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My Husband did this to me after I had five abortions for him [Fiction]

Jide and I started our relationship back in our University days.

Our first meeting was in a lecture hall where he had to collect my phone to call his missing phone.

I was at first reluctant when he requested to borrow my phone to locate his lost phone, thinking he was only pretending to have my number just like many guys out there normally do.

But at the end, I gave him phone when I found out he was being serious.

After he found his phone, we sat together for the lecture and with our little discussion, we seem to get along quite well. We became good friends and fell in love. 

A year after our graduation and NYSC program, we both were planning to get married but there was no money at the time.

During our courtship, I got pregnant for Jide. In which he advice for us to abort the pregnancy as there is no money to venture in to a family thing yet.

Even though, I was strongly against this. I accepted at the end since I love him dearly.

Few months after that, I got pregnant again. Jide once again apologized for being the cause of that and talk me in to having another abortion.

This went on for four years with three other abortion.

Jide got lucky and got a good paying job in one of the top companies in Nigeria and we got married 8 months after he got the job.

After 2 years and I couldn't got pregnant. We decided to go to the hospital for check-up, it was at the hospital we found out that due to the abortions I had, my chances of giving birth might be slim.

Jide stood by me when we got this news and promise to always be there through thin and thick.

But after 2 years and there was still no pregnancy, Jide secretly got married to another woman and have a baby.

Should I kill the woman he got married to and the baby?

I am totally depressed and confused on what to do. Please advice me on what to do.

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