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For Couples: How To Overcome Pride In A Relationship

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Being in a relationship has its ups and downs. It is true that a partner can give you the support and love you need to live a more fruitful life. However, it is also sometimes inevitable for our partners to hurt our ego or pride, whether intentionally or not. If left unconquered, this pride might foster resentment and lead to the end of the relationship altogether.

When it comes to a relationship, then it is better to keep ego aside. Normally, self respect and ego are two different things but are confused to be the same. Self respect is good and you should have it; where as ego is bad. It takes you nowhere.

In the initial phases of relationship, there might be ego issues when it comes to who will text whom first. Normally, we tend to be like he or she will text me if they want to. But with time, as you understand each other better, this wont be a problem. There is nothing wrong in texting people when you miss them or want to talk to them. Thats how they will know that you care.

If your partner has ego issues, for example; they won’t apologise even if it is their fault, you should communicate this with them. Sit them down and discuss it that it really hurts you if there is a fight and they are on the wrong side and there is no apology. It takes time. But once you tell your partner how you feel about it, they might realise it and work on it. The last thing anyone would want to do is hurt someone they claim they love. So if they care for you and love you, then this will not be a big deal for them.

Also when you accept each other with all the flaws, you will realise that love is much more important than ego. Saving the relationship is much more important than ego. Not hurting your partner is much more important than ego.

Only thing is this requires a lot of time, lot of efforts (from both sides) and lot of forgiveness. There will be points when you will have to forgive them but so be it. With time if they genuinely love you, you will see the changes.

If you don’t then probably that person is not right for you nor good for you. It will be better to move on for your own good then, as it will create a lot of negativity in your life and it will affect your day to day activities.

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