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This Girl poured away a Pack of Milk, and did this to make her brother take the blame(Video)

Little Children can be so funny and strange at times with their actions and behavior when they are far away from the presence of their Parents. Most times they play hard and rough to a point that they injure and cause harms to themselves. They can make you smile and at the same time provoke you with their childish and immature attitude. Aside from their personalities, God also built some special attributes in them which sometimes makes them act beyond their abilities and outrightly leaves them an edge above other Kids in their class. 

For most Parents, they want their kids to be loving towards one another and wouldn’t encourage any form of unhealthy rivalry between them, they always wish these kids grow to a stage that they'll be beneficial to one another, but an unshakable fact remains that, these kids at times hurt themselves out of innocence and out of immature belief that, they are only making fun of one another’s situation.

It is with the believe in their innocence we bring you this Video of a Girl and her younger Brother of about 8months old. These little Siblings were left behind to wait for their mother in the Kitchen, but the Sister had to do something very outrageous and Strange. She picked a pack of Milk, emptied it on their Kitchen's floor and left the empty pack in her Brother’s Arm. When their Mother came around , the Girl pointed at her brother as the one who poured the Milk away. The little Baby who couldn’t speak changed his facial expression and was almost shedding tears as a result of the angry reaction shown by his Mum.

He was looking helpless and remained silent while his Mother did the clean Up. His Sister, who committed the crime left them behind and went inside. It was really a sad experience for the Young boy. It’s obvious his sister didn’t do it out of wickedness, all she wanted was just to have fun.



Though the little boy wasn’t punished but he surely felt the pain from his mum sharp reaction .

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