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Is Happily Ever After Marriage Possible ?

Is Happily Ever After Marriage Possible ? 

Your answer depends on you . 

The reality is that some couples are living it while the rest are enduring or not even together anymore . 

Here are the four building blocks of a Happily Ever After Marriage ~ solid marriage . 

1. Wisdom : Practical knowledge . You need to know the truth about your SELF , SPOUSE and MARRIAGE . There is a way things work . Wisdom is the path to success in marriage and any endeavour in life . 

Ask yourself these questions to get facts about yourself , spouse and marriage .

# What are my strengths and weaknesses ? Please mention one at minimum . 

# What are the strengths and weaknesses of my spouse ? Kindly find out ! 

# What are the principles of marriage ? 

Principles of marriage -- husband love your wife with your life . Wife submits to your husband . 

2. Spirit of Agreement : Can two work together without agreement ? No . You can't build your marriage unless you work together as a team . Although you and your spouse are different but the spirit of agreement will move you in the same direction , help you to synergised and create compatibility . You need the spirit of agreement to be productive .

3. Communication : Choose to communicate your feelings with your spouse . Discuss about everything-- good , bad and ugly occurrences in the marriage . Regular communication is a building block of a solid marriage . Start your conversation with recognition and praise of your spouse deeds , including the little effort , talk about your unmet expectations . Always communicate with your spouse if you want your marriage to work .  

4. Commitment : You have to be committed in your marriage . Commitment is a decision to stay together in the marriage regardless of what happen . 

Happily ever after marriage is possible but it takes some effort to build solid foundation and structure of marriage . If you desire a joyful union that will last the test of time you must put these blocks together in the journey of marriage . 

Start with one block and give me a feedback . 

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