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Husband and wife relationship

My answer to Laura Ikeji's question on the visibility of a woman when she is with her husband.

Laura Ikeji is a sister to one of the popular bloggers in Nigeria, Linda Ikeji. She is a social media influencer and happily married with kids. She has taken to her Instagram page, a question concerning how women are treated when they're with their husbands.

In her post, she stated that every time she is taking a walk with her husband, people greet her husband specifically adding “sir”, but nobody acknowledges her with her own tittle as the woman. She asked a question wondering if the woman is invisible in this case.

First of all, when man and a woman come together as a couple, according to the tradition of marriage, they become one when the woman's bride prize is paid. This means that these two individuals are not longer seen as two individuals but a couple which shows that they are united as one.

When a woman gets married to a man, she changes her father's name and bears that of her husband. This is to show the power of such union, which means the man has taken possession of the woman.

This is what gives some men the right to decide for their wives what to do, where to go, who to associate with, and how to associate, because they have taken possession of the woman.

In this case, if a woman has given her self to a man as a wife, she becomes part of the man that anything the man owns, becomes hers too, and anyone who addresses the man, addresses her too.

Therefore, responding to what Laura asked, the woman is not invisible on such situation, she is already a part of the man that she may choose to respond to the greeting that is addressed to her husband.

A woman is not invisible in her husband's life so long as she bears his name and has his children. She may not be seen everywhere with her husband but she literarily lives in her husband which is the reason why most men would consult their wives before taking any decision.

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