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Mixed Reactions As Nigerian Girl Shares A Picture Of Her Cousin's "Extravagant" Wedding

Wedding is a beautiful thing everyone who wants to get married usually itch to do. It is a one-time something which is why most people prefer to to do in a very big and different way. Most people, ladies especially always want their wedding to be outstanding. This is why they source for the best wedding planner to them the best one.

Wedding is supposed to be something to be remembered. It is something that one should be proud of when remembered, which is why many people plan so much and spend so much on wedding to make it a memorable one as it is for just one time in life.

If you have money, it is good you enjoy your wedding very well. Lavish money on it if you have. Of course, it is your day. But when you don't have money, please do not try to satisfy anyone by spending all your fortunes on your wedding. Some people even go extra mile to borrow money to make their wedding an outstanding one. Do not go broke after your wedding. Please cut your cloth according to your height.

A Nigerian lady shares a picture of her cousin's wedding on twitter. The picture wowed so many Nigerians as could be seen through their comments.

The wedding picture.

Indeed, the wedding, from the picture was an extravagant one. Her cousin really lavished money on this wedding. Take a look at the wedding attires they wore. They all look very expensive. Now come down to the cloud effect on and above the floor, could you imagine how expensive it could be?

A twitter user said that the cloud effect is sold at $500. This is a huge amount of money. The price may differ in different locations.

The cloud effect made the venue of the wedding look so much like a paradise or heaven. No doubt, the cousin of this girl must be very rich. Truly, money is good.

I know many people will want their wedding look this good. Yes, yours would if you want. All you need to do is hustle and make money. After you may have made enough money, look for nice wedding planners and pay them enough to give life to your wedding.

While reacting to the extravagant wedding picture, some people wished for their wedding to look this beautiful. Some commended the wedding planners for the great job. Others focused so much on the cloud. See how they reacted.

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