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3 Things She Does When She Is In Love With You

If you have ever had a girl that is crazy over you or madly in love with you the feeling could be surreal believe you me, below are 3 things she does when she is madly in love with you:

1.) She cancels her calendar for you: Yes I am talking about rescheduling or even totally canceling all her appointments on her calendar for you, when a woman loves you madly she always tends to make out time just so she could be close with you all the time.

2.) She cooks for you: When a woman loves you she cares about your feeding and satisfaction at all times, a woman that is madly in love with you would ensure that you always have your fridge well stocked up with well cooked food so you don't feel hungry at all.

3.) She remembers everything about you: When a woman loves you madly she remembers and notices every single little details about you, one interesting thing about this is that she doesn't just remember the details but she also looks for a way to celebrate it and make it a memorable one for you.

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