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3 Lessons To Learn From The Story Of The Man Who Asked His Lover To Pull Off Her Clothes In Public

A few days ago, a video surfaced on the Internet and it has been trending massively to this minute, a man saw his lover with another man in an outing together, Instead of the man acting maturely, he approached his lover and asked her to pull off everything she is putting on as long as he was the one that bought it for her, after removing her wig, he asked the girl to take off her clothes, lots of people tried to stop the young man but the he was hell bent on retrieving everything from the girl, the girl noticed that she had done wrong, she took the clothes off by herself and gave it to the young man, luckily another man offered her a jacket there, he also left with the girl's shoes and wristwatch, In case you missed the video, you can watch it with the below link

As humans, it is good to always learn from the mistakes of others, we don't need to wait till it happens to us, we have therefore compiled three lessons to learn from the incident

1.Hot Temper Does Not Yield Anything Good

As a man, it is very important to think twice before taking some decisions, although it is very painful to see a girl you are spending Lita of money on with another man, but is disgracing her publicly the solution? What if you are so much in love with the girl and you just can't let go? How can you go back to beg her to forgive you after humiliating her in public, without a doubt, what she did is wrong but asking her to take off everything you bought for her is not the right way to go about it, let us learn to control our temper no matter the situation

2.Ladies, Know Who You Are Dating

It is absurd for a lady to get such humiliation from a boyfriend, as long as he is not married to you, you can play a card or two, it is normal in this part of the world, you don't know who might propose to you tomorrow, as a lady, if you observe that your man is short tempered,kindly pack up and leave him, before the man exhibited those characters in public, I believe the lady must have seen a thing or two about him at home, don't risk your life for love, leave him before it is too late

3.Do Unto Others What You Want Them To Do To You

The lady you asked to undress in public is someone's sister and someone's daughter, you need to ask yourself this question 'Can you take this from any boy as a father to humiliate your daughter in such a way? Until we learn to live with all men in equal measures, am afraid, we can't just get it right, there are some families in my area, you dare not do this to their sister, they will come with their cars, tie you up and beat you mercilessly, let us learn to live in love and harmony plea

What is your reaction to this update? Do you think the man is right to have done what he did? Or you think he went too far, let us hear your opinion below, also remember to follow this page for more interesting updates, like and share this article too

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