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Seven signs that someone really love you.

Often times, guys and ladies aren't sure about their feelings towards each other.. Its either they are trying to deny how they feel or they know how they feel but cannot express it.

It is now a responsibiltity of the second party to be able to decipher the meaning of some of their gestures towards him/her.

Below are some signs that somebody really loves you. Eventhough they might be shy to say it.

1. He/she will always want to call, text or see you.

2. You will be the one he/she misses first when he/she wakes up.

3. He/she will always remember to say goodnight to you before he/she goes to sleep.

4. If he/she sleep before you, he/she will text or call you immediately when he/she wakes up.

5. He/she will frequently ask you where you go, what you are doing and with whom. This is not because he/she wants to control you but he/she cares about you.

6. If a guy or a lady loves you, no matter how busy they are, they will try their best to have free time for you.

7. If somebody loves you, he/she will frequently stare at you when you aren't noticing. This may be because he/she is wondering why you are so good looking.

You can drop your thoughts in the comment section. Also drop other signs that the writer may have forgotten to include.

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