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7 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Somebody Like You

Everyone can love and respond positively to love if you do things that are pleasant to them.

If you are looking for ways to make someone fall in love with you, there are some things you can do to achieve that.

These are some of the things you can do to someone that will make him or her fall in love with you.

Praise The Person

Everyone wants to be celebrated. Take a good look at the things you like about the person and compliment him or her on them.

Tell them how admirable they are, but you must ensure that you are not flattering the person or exaggerating your compliments.

Continually Try To Hang Out With The Person

There is a higher possibility that we will eventually like someone who loves to be around us.

We normally develop feelings for someone who likes spending quality time with us.

So try to consistently spend some quality time with this person.

Give The Person An Audience

Always listen attentively to him or her whenever they are talking.

Everyone likes to be given an audience, so it's possible for them to start liking you because you pay attention to them.

Anytime you notice that he or she has something to say, always give him or their audience the opportunity to speak their minds without any interruptions.

Be Real And Don't Fake Your Feelings

Try to be transparent as much as possible with the person.

Don't act up your feelings just to make them like you. Just be yourself and don't be pretentious to them.

Build A Common Interest

Make an effort to find a point of common interest with the person. When you find out what the person likes doing or talking about, try to link it up with your own areas of interest.

You can both start doing something you both enjoy together to create a bond between you and the person.

Demonstrate Your Concern

Make sure that you always show that you are concerned about their well-being. Let them know you care.

Touch Them Slightly

You can apply a little bit of touch whenever you are talking with them. You can touch their shoulders or hold their hands anytime you have a conversation.

However, don't let it become too frequent so that they don't get irritated.

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