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Fiction: I Am Married To A Ghost (Part 2)

The night seems colder and the morning breeze beat my face like the ocean waves, I rolled in bed as the sweet smell of coffee filled the room.

Maya has kept her favorite John Legend song on repeat a bad habit she picked from me, it has played all night while we made love and she played with my dread-lock hairs. Lost in thought of how much I love her play with those hairs and what a jacket pot I have won having her in my life. Everything has just been perfect since the first day and I was becoming worried if this was true or not but I just wasn't bothered, I believe the universe has finally blessed me with love this time.

"Good morning Simba", she said I turned and look at her. She gave me that name saying "you have the strength of a lion". She stood with a tray of coffee as her long hairs covered her chest,the beads on her waist were matching to her fair complexion,her blue eyes could see through me like laser,her narrow jaw bone were the best I have seen and her dimples just made it perfect.

"Morning Mama bear" I said as she dragged off the duvet leaving me on my birth clothing. Placing the tray on a side table, I dragged her to myself and whispered to her eyes "you are becoming a bad girl", she coiled around my back and turned to my ears to say "I am learning from the pro" we both bursted into laughter as she laid on her back.

I love you Maya, I didn't know when that came out but I meant every word of it, she held my head and said "I love you more Danny", and the play started again "I love you most Maya" and then we kept yelling and ended in another heavy laughter.

"Where have you been all my life I asked ? Up North she replied. I smiled and kisses her forehead and just immediately she dashed for the toilet and I followed her "Maya, what's the matter? She was vomiting and I looked puzzled, "are you ok?" I asked, she only nodded in affirmative. We are going to the hospital I said, I know how much she hates going there but she knows she wasn't going to escape it this time.

When Maya want to frustrate me, she does it in a beautiful way. She wouldn't get of the bed so I had to carry her to the car, the second I have bought since meeting her. The journey since meeting her has been beautiful, my finance has tripled and everything was just too awesome to believe.

The drive to the hospital was a long one, I had called Doctor Okafor to inform him we were coming. He usually would come by the house since Maya doesn't go to hospital but his schedule was tight so this long drive was necessary.

"Good morning sparkling Maya", Doctor Okafor said smiling we both shaked hands exchanged a brotherly hug. He look at her and smiled again and said I will have the nurse get her samples then we will talk after that as he dashed out of the office to attend to other patients and like flash the nurse was in to collect her samples for testing.

Three hours later we were still at the hospital, Maya wouldn't eat because she was afraid she might thrown up again and I watched her helplessly not knowing what to do or say next other than cuddle her with my nose planted in her hairs.

Sitting in front of us, he smiled again. I was wondering how this man smiles with so much stress and work to do in a day, I had wanted to be a doctor but with the way Okafor runs up and down the stairs and all that maybe changing my mind earlier in life was the best decision.

"Well I have news Mr & Mrs Daniels, at this point I and Maya looked at each other and smiled( I had thought to myself, when did this doc become a priest ?).

"Maya, you are one month gone. I looked at him still confused, then he said "she's pregnant" yes,yes, yes,yes,yes,yes,yes, I was just yelling and jumping like a toddler who was gifted a pack of candy. Maya dragged me by my shirt and asked "so this is your plan all this time"? I smiled and so did she "I love you Mama bear" I said and she replied "I love you big Simba" and just when we were about to kiss, Okafor cuts in "hey, hey,hey, get a room you spoilt children of the world. We all laughed and he briefed us on how to manage her and we bid him goodbye and drove home.

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