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For Men And Women: How To Deal With Heartbreak

This is the generation of broken hearts. We are smiling but are broken from inside and this is the bitter truth that no one knows.

We are homosapiens or in other words 'Humans'. One among the only creatures of the world who fall in LOVE. Falling in love more often than not comes along with the probability of heartbreak. And most of the times, it happens. Especially if you are in your teens or you are in your early 20's.

The best way is accepting… Yes accepting. When your heart is trying to rebuild a relationship which is already broken, remind yourselves that it is over, accept the truth that you both will not be able to talk and see each other like before. Accept that the game is over and there is nothing left to do. Accept that It's not because you don't want to but it is because you don't have an option right now. You need to move on.

After accepting that somethings are gone and no way they are going to come back, start giving new inputs to subconscious mind. Start sparing time with family, start sparing time with friends who love you (of course this is little bit tough, but you need to remove the previous memories with new one to move on. You need to communicate with your subconscious mind again and love from family and friends could do that.)

Start making some goals like keeping yourself busy such that you don't even have time to think. If you try to remember something, avoid the thought. Don't entertain it because, the thought process is a web. If you get one, your subconscious mind will load corresponding things from your memory and continues…so stop entertaining it. Divert yourself.

Let me give you an example

“if you are on an urgent work and stuck in traffic, you get irritated, frustrated and what not. Suppose if you are watching the same scene from your terrace, you will find it interesting.“

Similarly, when you find yourself in the traffic (cluster of thoughts and memories continue to load from your subconscious mind). You feel a lot of pain. When you start seeing them as on terrace; just like a pass by, they will not make any difference. Don't allow your mind to show all the flash back. Instead, start to remove all those thoughts.

When you hold a weight of 5gms for 5 minutes, it will not make any difference. When you hold it for a year, you cannot even imagine the pain. The less time you take to release (the less time you take to come out of the traffic) the less pain you feel. When you entertain the web of thoughts more, you feel more pain.

Start working, in order to keep yourself busy, start counteracting your old memories (you can only keep them aside, you cannot delete). Make more friends, spend time with family and I know you will get pass this phase.

All the best.

Thanks for reading!!!

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