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15 Signs Someone Might Be A Player In A Relationship

A player is anyone who pretends to care about you. He or she plays with your emotions just to get in bed with you.

These are some important signs that indicates someone might be a player:

1. They don’t ask you about your life, feelings and opinions (they don’t seem to be very interested in you as a person).

2. They usually won’t talk about any interesting subject or shared interests with you. Mostly, they would talk about s£x or romance related subject.

3. They are not supportive in any way, won’t act protective or interested in your well being.

4. They talk very sweet to you and might even show some affection but such things are not constant. They might do it only at times when you seem to be angry, disappointed or just not in agreement with them.

5. They are trying to get you to have s£x with them and if you do, they seem to be less interested. In many cases, they might just disappear for days, months or forever.

6. You saw (or heard about) them flirting with others while seeing you.

7. They might act possesive or show jeleousy, but if this doesn’t make them want to hurry up and make it official with you, then chances are they are only worried to lose their fun or s£x time with you.

8. They keep making promises that they never (or mostly never) keep.

9. They are usually only interested in seeing you when it suits them, and would most likely make a lot of excuses when you are the one wanting to see them.

10. You only “hang out” at their place or maybe some bench outside. They won’t get you on real dates and won’t include you in their friend's group.

11. Again, they won’t even show you off to their friends, and those friends probably don’t know much about you either.

12. They might give you compliments but only the ones releted to your looks or how you made them feel during s£x.

13. They keep their life very private. They won’t share their deeper thoughts and intimate things with you.

14. They have some “rules” on how things will be going between you two and would probably act hostile if you do things differently.

15. If you get emotional, their first response would be to act cold, confused, trrigered or somehow rude.

Hope this helps?

Thanks for reading!!

Content created and supplied by: FranklySpeakingwithJeremiah (via Opera News )


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