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OPINION: Never do these things if you want to have a happy home

It will be so sad to hear that couple who were joined together by maybe pastor, Alfa or in the court later now divorce because of very small mistake made from either the wife or the husband.

Some break-up even come from what one of them (the couple) hear outside that is against their marriage. For example, maybe the wife was told that her husband is dating someone else or he is cheating on her (the wife) and so on.

This can one way or the other affect the marriage and leads to a divorce.

So to avoid getting divorced in marriage, please take note of the following things.

1. Do not check each other's messages or chat if you want to have a happy home and you guys want to stay with each other longer.

2. Never allow or let who is not a member of your family to interfere into your marital life as most of them wants you guys to break up.

3. Trust: what matters most in relationship is to trust one another. If there is trust, there will be no way you will be thinking maybe your partner is cheating on you.

4. Love: If you guys love each other, you will not allow an outsider to put mouth in your marital life.

Doing this will help your home to stand firm and have a happy home.

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