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For women - New Year's Love Resolutions to Ensure You Get and Keep the right Guy

For women - New Year's Love Resolutions to Ensure You Get and Keep the Guy

You are a treasure yet to be discovered. It's time you started acting like one. Resolve to the following and watch your love life take a dramatic turn for the better

1. I will love myself. When I don't love myself, I attract the wrong men.

2. From now on, I date only men who value me. I cease pursuing men whom I must convince of my worthiness. If, after being my loving and charming self, a man doesn't "get me," he doesn't get me. I accept that it is his loss, and I move on. I have faith that a better man awaits me.

3. I know my value. I have love and gifts to share. I sit down and figure out exactly what my gifts are. This knowledge telegraphs to the world that I am a special, desirable, and attractive person.

4. I forgive past loves. This isn't easy, but the results are miraculous. When I forgive, I set myself free. My life utterly changes. When I don't know how to forgive, I close my eyes, envision the one who wronged me, and mentally say, "I forgive you." I do this as often as it takes to remove the sting of this person's memory. It's especially helpful for me to pray for the man's happiness. I am amazed at the lightness, freedom and joy I experience when I let go of the past.

5. To further facilitate loving myself, I look myself in the mirror every morning and tell myself, "I love you." It's been perfectly acceptable for me to look in the mirror and tell myself, "You're fat," or "You have a wrinkle," or "You have a pimple." I resolve to make a new start and look myself in the eye and tell myself, "I love you, (name), no matter what." This changes me, and it changes how men perceive me. It raises my value in their eyes.

6. I surround myself with friends who lift me up, not bring me down. If I don't have any such friends, I join clubs and activities that interest me and make new friends. New people, of both sexes, widen my social circle. Widening my social circle vastly improves my chances of meeting a man who deserves me and will cherish me.

Please re-read and commit to these resolutions right now. You will find that they will change you. They will change the type of men you attract. They will change the number of men you attract. Most important, they will change the type of men to whom you are attracted.

You have the power to attract and keep lasting love. Use it.

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