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OPINION: Why Relationships Is Not About Compromise

Are relationships about compromise?

I would not say compromise. Relationships are about acceptance. Surprisingly everyone does a good job of it in office or among friends. But when it comes to relationships with wife, in laws, siblings there seems to be an issue.

Just remember that you are as different as the other person with respect to likes, dislikes, habits, discipline, cleanliness, food habits, beliefs etc… If you think that you are compromising so is the other person. We always think we are the one compromising which is usually not true except where we are getting bullied by someone.

First is to accept the other person as he or she is.

Second do not try to change the person to suit your taste.

Third do things with the other person even if you don’t like it and see if you can enjoy it. Keep an open mind and you will find the results surprising.

Fourth, do not bend backwards to satisfy the other person and become unhappy.

For example, if your wife likes to go the temple and you are not religious, do accompany her sometimes and you might find that there are many things which you might like about the architecture and maybe you feel peaceful there.

Another example is watching TV and sleeping late. Probably watching a match. If you consider the point maybe sleeping on time and getting up early will be good for your health and maybe you will start enjoying the fresh air and start to exercise.

These are not compromises. Accepting and being open allows for new experiences and that is what enriches the relationship.

In summary, relationships are not compromise, but compromises are an integral part of relationship.

When you say relationships are compromise then the value of relationship is degraded. But when the relationship is established, you believe in it, you trust and respect your partner and want the person in your life, you do compromises with many a things as required. But it enriches you in turn. Compromise is, by definition, "meeting you halfway". You want something and I want another and we find a middle ground. In an ideal world we are both happy. It's just that it seldom works out that way. More often what we arrive at satisfies neither one of us.

It's for this reason that I don’t believe relationships are about compromise.

This is my personal opinion on this subject matter. If you have any contrary opinion, it is highly welcomed.

Thanks for reading!!

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