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5 Easy Ways To Get A Guy's Attention Without Even Talking To Him

If you are crushing on a guy, and you want him to notice you, and approach you. It is very easy to make him feel the same way you feel about him. Guys are simple creatures, you can easily attract them, and get their attention. Making the first move is very difficult, so let him make the first move for you.

Here are the 5 easy ways to get a guy's attention without even talking to him.

1. Wear something that works on you. You have to dress up yourself to lure him into looking at you. Don't wear clothes that don't make you feel confident and comfortable. Wear those beautiful clothes that bring out the best in you, he will surely notice you without talking to him.

2. Be approachable. You have to send him a vibe that you are friendly and approachable. You shouldn't hide your smile and beauty. Stop looking like a moody and angry person. When you are around him, avoid focusing too much on your phone because it might push him away. He might think that you have another guy, or you are not interested in him. When you send him a positive aura, it might attract your guy's attention to you.

3. Love yourself. When you love yourself that boosts your confidence level, and it helps to captivate your guy's attention. The guy might want to approach you just to know you better when he notices this quality in you.

4. Be a fun-loving girl. You have to be true to yourself, and let him see the real you. Have a great life, and be a loving girl. This will make him know that being around you would make his life better as well. Nothing gets your guy's attention more than having a great life.

5. Always be engaged with important things. When you are always occupied with stuff to do, it will attract him to you. You don't have to be always available all the time, and never look desperate for your guy's attention. Don't show him that you are hopelessly craving his attention, it will make him think that you are cheap.

You should be casual when you are around him in public and don't stare at him for too long. Let him take his time to appreciate you even when you are looking away. When he starts staring at you, it shows that you have gained his attention without talking.

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