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6 errors that can make your partner lose interest in you

True love is what lovers need to stay together. However, some costly mistakes can make your girlfriend lose interest in you. When a woman loses her interest in her boyfriend, the relationship will become dicey. This usually leads to sudden or deliberate end of the relationship.

These mistakes must be avoided at all cost if a healthy relationship is to be maintained. Your girlfriend may love you so much, but your actions towards her will determine if she will continue to love you, or if she is wasting her time dating you. These mistakes are common, and it is usually the reason behind the sudden breakups we see in our society today. Therefore, if you don't want your girlfriend to lose interest in you, kindly avoid the following mistakes.

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1. Feeling or appearing unconcerned.

You may be doing this by mistake, or on purpose, but the truth remains that it affects your relationship negatively.

This is an error that must not be seen around you and your relationship. You should be very connected to your girlfriend if you want a long lasting relationship.

If you appear unconcerned in your relationship, it means that your girlfriend cannot please or satisfy you, therefore, she will someday lose interest in you.

Concern yourself with everything that concerns your girlfriend and your relationship to make your relationship last long.

2. Feeling too important to your girlfriend.

When a girl accepts to be your girlfriend, she expects you to be humble and loyal to her as she is also humble and loyal to you. Making yourself too important to her shows that you have pride.

No matter how important you think you are, it is an error to place yourself too high from your girlfriend. You need to bring down yourself to your girlfriend's level so as to make communication possible and effective.

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3. If you are always unavailable.

If you can't be physically available, at least, try and be available over the phone. Pick your girlfriend's calls when she calls. Reply her texts when she texts you. She calls and texts you because she loves you. If you ignore her calls and texts, it breaks her heart.

When this continues for a very long time, what would you have her do? Would you want her to continue to cry over unreturned missed calls and texts? No matter how well she can cry, she will someday lose hope in you.

No matter how busy you are, try and make yourself available for your girlfriend. It is an error to remain unavailable for your girlfriend for a very long time.

4. Taking advantage of your girlfriend.

I wouldn't say that this is common, but many guys do this. It is an error to think that you are wise by taking advantage of your girlfriend. If all you want in a relationship is lovemaking, make it clear to the girl even before going into a romantic relationship with her. If you want a serious relationship, please make it clear to her also.

If a girl accepts to date you because you were able to convince her to believe that you want a serious relationship with her, meanwhile, your intention is to take advantage of her body, she will someday find out about it. This will make her to lose interest in you.

5. If you can't be yourself.

Your girlfriend will lose interest in you if you can't be yourself. Being yourself means knowing what you want and going for it. It means living a life of no pretence. It means living your own life, and not trying to copy someone else, or living someone else's life.

You have to be yourself if you don't want her to lose interest in you.

She accepted to be your girlfriend because she liked what your first appearance looked like. If after spending some time with you and she discovered that you are none of those things you portrayed when she first met you, she will lose interest in you. That is why you should be yourself. It is an error to pretend to be what you are not just to win a girl's heart.

6. When you lack the ability to make choices.

You should have a choice as a man. You should not go after every girl that comes your way. When you find it difficult to date her or some other girls, it means that you don't have choice. She will someday lose interest in you.

If you can avoid all the errors above, your girlfriend may not lose interest in you.

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