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6 Ways To Get Over The Things That Annoy You In Your Relationship

We all have different ways of doing things, and we bring those differences into our relationships meaning, you might find some of the things your partner do so awkward and annoying, and some of them could even irritate you. That feeling of irritability is something you should handle early on, or else it could continue to grow, and what was once a beautiful relationship could turn to a nightmare. So how do you deal with those things that annoy you?

1. Replace annoyance with youthfulness

When your partner says or does something immature, look at them as if they were a toddler. Imagine them a young person still making sense of the world, and someone who is prone to make mistakes. A full beard or a full face of makeup can distract you from seeing their inner child, but train yourself to do so everyday.

2. Own your annoyance

Own the fact that your feelings are yours. The annoying way your partner breathes, or chews their food, or leaves their socks on the floor is simply your response to a behavior. They might be surprised if you make a remark since they’re just going about their day, eating their meal or getting undressed.‌ Sometimes your partner might do things to tease you or purposely annoy you. You might have a valid reason for your complaint, but your emotion is yours. Take responsibility for it. This helps you take control and take personal action even if their behavior feels targeted. ‌The next time you feel irritated, accept how you’re feeling. Use “I” and “my” statements. For example, you can say, “I am feeling annoyed. I need to take a 10-minute break.

3. Tell your partner about it

Rather than sulk and complain deep within, try to tell your partner about it. Talk to your partner in a nice way about how much your partner’s bad habit is frustrating you. This simple way of communication can solve that problem, rather than let that thing eat deep within you.

4. Stop being Frustrated

If your plans to help your partner overcome that habit don’t work, then learn to move on and stop being frustrated. Don’t let something as trivial as that kill your peace. As long as your relationship with your partner is going alright, then don’t ruin it with your quest for perfection. After all, we all have flaws. Many relationships start to break down when one partner starts harbouring grudges and resentment in mind; this could eat you deep till you ruin your relationship with your own hands.

5. Take a timeout.

You may be staying home together more than ever before, but that doesn’t mean you have to be physically in the same space, interacting, all the time. “It is okay to not spend every night or even most nights with your partner and instead re-focus on quiet solitude, alone time. “This allows for space within a somewhat claustrophobic and isolating situation.

6. Recognize how annoyance can lead to anger

Something else to consider is how annoyance, without being addressed, will lead to anger. This often occurs when you experience annoyance about your partner’s behavior over time. Yet, you never have any kind of discussion with them about those behaviors. Rather, you hold your feelings in. Everyone has a breaking point. Often those feelings spill out at the most inopportune time. And, sadly, it often happens in a way that damages the relationship, not strengthens it. Usually, it’s in the form of anger. That’s because you feel that you can’t take it anymore.

In Conclusion:

For as many days as you can, whenever you feel annoyed with your partner, look at them with the compassion you'd give a child. Instead of seeing annoyance, you will see youthfulness. You will imagine your partner with their pre-teen smile or toddler eyes of innocence. Forgiveness is a strength with Power Couples and reduces conflict within your relationship.

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