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Husband and wife relationship

Two People You Should Put Into Consideration Before You Marry Your Partner

There is no doubt that marriage is mainly about two people ; the husband and the wife, and the decision of the choice of a life partner lies on their shoulders. However, as a single lady or man, you need to realize that marriage is not only about you and your partner alone. At such, when making the decision of the man or lady to marry, you must put 2 major people into consideration before you reach the decision of who to marry. In other words, you should look beyond "now" and include the future in your choice.

Below are the 2 main people you should consider before you marry the man or lady you are in a relationship with:


The first person you should consider is yourself. Don't lie to yourself in the process. Your happiness and self fulfilment have to be considered. In making the decision of marriage, how long you have been dating; how much your families know about your relationship; how much energy you have put into each other over the years do not matter. You should not even be bothered about what people will say. Your major focus should be about "you". Don't marry someone out of pity. Don't marry your partner to please others and displease yourself. You must be intentional about your happiness, peace of mind and joy in the choice of a wife or husband.

2. Your future kids. 

Does he/she have what it takes to make a proud mother or father to your unborn kids? Will your kids be proud to have him/her as a father or mother? Are you convinced that he/she has the necessary potentials to nurture your kids the way you want? Can he/she guide, direct and counsel your future kids towards a great future? Will your kids be safe under his/her care? In addition, you should also consider your children in the area of genotype. Is your partner having the kind of genotype that will endanger them(kids) in the future?

It is not enough for the person you are getting married to to be suitable for you, he/she should also be suitable for your unborn kids. Your future children are counting on you to choose the best mom/dad for them. Do not disappoint them!

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