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Love Is Not Enough- For Ladies

Being in love could make you go extra miles for the person you are in love with, without considering yourself, also most times because of we are in love with someone and we just can not let go of them, we become inconsiderate and selfish, and this might have a painful repercussion

Here are 4 things every lady in love should consider before walking down the aisle with that guy they desire

People argue about this facts, some believe love is enough, while some don't

1.The benefits you would get from the relationship- every relationship should have its own benefits, just like friendship, we become friends with someone because of their intelligence, moral advice we get from them, the way they dress, or the association they keep or belong to, also in a relationship, before saying yes to that guy, you need to sit down and ruminate over what improvement(s) he has added to you, do you see him as a role model? His he your confidant? Can you trust him with your problems? Does he give suitable solutions to your problems? All this are important in marriages,you wouldn't want to marry a man who isn't logical in thinking and who you can not tell your problems because he never has a suitable solution, marriage is not all about marrying a handsome dude, but what that dude can add up into that marriage is what builds up a marriage.

2. His financial status- most ladies marry these days because of the financial benefit, they would get or gain, though some marry out of love, but the truth is that it pays to marry a man who can provide for you in a marriage, am not saying marrying a man who is thirty decades or more older than you because he is rich, but what am saying is you marrying a man who can provide for your financial needs in marriage, don't marry that handsome but unemployed guy because you love him so much, if you are patient you would see a working class guy who you can settle down with, this is because when you are married, you can no longer depend much on your family, they expect to get from you and not you get from them anymore, it is not appropriate to marry a handsome guy, who would be unable to give you and your kids a better life, because by then that love would not be enough to sustain your marriage, but if you think you love him and won't want to let go of him, you could help him get a good well paid job first before marriage.

3.Your genotype- with various enlightenment programmes, people are informed about the dangers of marrying someone with an unhealthy gene, a AS should not marry a SS or AS partner, also a SS should not marry a SS genotype, when a AS and AS partner marries there is a one in two probability (50%) that any of their child would be a SS, don't make your kids go through pain and frequent crisis because you are so much in love with their dad, give your future kids the chance to live a better healthy life.

4. If you are really convinced he is good enough for you- are you really sure he is meant for you, are your friends and families also of the idea that he is good, or you are the only one who thinks so, is he a serial cheat, who your friends and family have advice you against, but you think he is right for you, before saying those three words "Yes I Do" sit yourself down and ruminate, if you are making a good decision.

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