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50 Ways Of Showing Your Husband You Love Him

Hello Friends.

Here are fifty (50) ways to show your Husband you love him.

1. Tell Him you love him.

2. Arrange for him to go golfing on weekends.

3. Notice something he has mentioned needing to replace or has been wanting and get it for him if you have the money.

4. Pray for him in your own prayers and your family prayers.

5. Make a list of things you love about him, write them on sticky notes and hide them all over the house. So he'll continue finding them all through the week.

6. Make his favorite meal or introduce him to a new recipe that might become his new favorite meal.

7. Say you're sorry when you are wrong.

8. Ask for his advice, then take it.

9. Tell your kids what you love about their dad in his presence to make him feel special.

10. On your date, make an extra effort to look your best and get dressed up for him.

11. Thank him often and verbally for being a good husband and father. Mention specific things you appreciate.

12. Leave a short and sweet note on the bathroom mirror for Him.

13. Iron his shirts for him.

14. Plan a date for the two of you and don't tell him what any of the plans are.

15. Give him a foot rub.

16. Ask him what's one thing you could do that would help him feel more satisfied with life, then follow through.

17. Watch the ball game with him, and if you don't understand what's on ask question. He'll appreciate your efforts and interests.

18. Thank him for the things he does around the house regularly whether it's taking out the trash, sorting through the mail, managing bills or anything else.

19. Make a card from scratch (no matter how limited your skills) to tell him how you feel about him.

20. Find and frame an old photo of your early dating or married ways. Give it to him to keep on his desk at work.

21. Give him a long kiss once you're both home at the end of the day.

22. Take a night off to spend time with him, rather than listing all the things you need to do when he suggests relaxing with a movie.

23. Look at him appreciatively throughout the day and let him catch you doing it.

24. Recreate your first date or other memorable moments during your courtship.

25. Give him time to unwind after a long day at work without immediately adding to his to-do list or complaining about your day.

26. Surprise with gifts.

27. Run some errands for him that he hasn't been able to get to.

28. Write him love notes and hide them in his suitcase when he goes on business trips.

29.Take a picture of him on your phone when you catch him doing something great or sweet and set it as your background.

30. Make a to do list with him of all the things you'd like to do with him the next year.

31. Don't nag.

32. Rather than just asking to take care of that household project. Do it together.

33. Look after him when he's sick.

34. Love yourself and don't put yourself down. If you're happy, he'll be happy as well.

35. Keep his confidences. Your friends don't need to know everything.

36. Hold his hand while you are at the grocery store or in the car.

37. Surprise him with a romantic evening.

38. Start a hobby together.

39. Give him the TV remote when watching.

40. Tell him what you loved most about him when you first meet.

41. Think of his most annoying habit and let it go.

42. Buy his favorite book for him or buy him a new one you think he'd love.

43. Cuddle with him on the couch after the kids have gone to bed and ask him about his day.

44. Listen to him with undivided attention - no multi tasking.

45. Tell him what you love about him today.

46. Pick out a movie he would love and watch it together.

47. Encourage him to spend a night out with his friends.

48. Buy him a gift card to his favorite lunch spot and put it in his wallet.

49. Support him in his goals and help him to pursue them.

50. Send him a text message during the day letting him know you are thinking about him. And again, tell him you love him.

Content created and supplied by: DebbieDave (via Opera News )


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