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A Leap Year Tradition That Allows Women To Propose To Men

A woman proposing to a man is uncommon, particularly in this part of the world. That is not to say that women do not propose to men. Historically, women were authorised to propose to males once every four years. Bachelor's Day or Ladies Privilege is the name given to the tradition. The privilege is available on leap days, which fall on February 29.

According to legend, the tradition originated with the Irish. It was also practised in the past in Scotland and England. The tradition is claimed to have begun with a contract negotiated in the fifth century between Saint Bridget and Saint Patrick.

Bridget grumbled to Patrick about how long it takes a man to propose to a woman, according to the story. She continued by stating that men were too sluggish to propose and requesting that women be given the opportunity. Patrick recognised her point of view and concurred. Initially, the agreement said that it would occur once every seven years, but Bridget convinced Patrick to reduce that to once every four years.

By the early nineteenth century, the practice had become firmly established. Women are expected to initiate a dance and then propose. According to tradition, every male who declines a lady's proposal must recompense her. You can make amends by purchasing her gloves, silk gown, or fur coat, among other items. This tradition has ceased to exist.

Would you wish to see this tradition in our country Nigeria? How would you feel if your girlfriend walks up to you and proposes to you? As a lady, would you be bold enough to propose to your boyfriend? 

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