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3 Eventualities You Should Fully Be Prepared For On Your Wedding Day

I always tell people that you can only have a near perfect wedding and not a perfect wedding, so many factors could cause this to happen on your wedding day. Below are 3 eventualities you should fully be prepared for on your wedding day:

1.) Power failure: On your wedding day always make it a point of call to have multiple sources of power like generator and inverter systems installed at the venue, don't ever depend on only one source of power at your wedding venue because you never know what might happen to that one source of power.

2.) Food shortage: Just expect that food is most likely to be inadequate during your wedding ceremony so try to make room for extra, this is due to the fact that some people might request for an extra plate, order for take home or it might even be due to miscalculations on the path of the caterer.

3.) Unexpected guests: One thing that you should be prepared for is the fact that unexpected guests are bound to show up at your wedding, most times it is not the exact calculations in terms of number of expected guests that would show up the way you planned it so you must be well prepared for that also.

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