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3 Reasons Why Dating In Your 100 Level Is Not So Bad After all

One of the greatest warnings parents issue to their kids on entering into the University is that they should avoid dating. Why is that? Is there anything our parents are trying to keep us away from? While it is a wise thing to always follow your parents advice, here are 3 reasons why dating in your first year is not so bad after all.

1. Because love knows no class nor age at incident. When love happens, it doesn't look at one's age or class. When you find love, ignore what time in your life you are currently in. Forget about your class and go with the flow. I ended up finding someone who loves me deeply in my first year and it has been a rollercoaster of a ride. It hasn't been a disturbance to my studies. And that is because this is true love and not the secondary school infatuation. Give space for love to happen and forget about what your parents said. They are only trying to instill fear in you so that you only focus on your studies. Regardless, you can do both.

2. Love is a beautiful thing, and should be experienced at a time in your life where you are still fresh and young. May it not be our prayer to experience love for the first time when we grow old. Love is a beautiful experience. It brings out a part of you that you have never seen.

3. It proves how well you can manage your time as a person, and your relationship with another person. Dating in your first year will have you studying and practising time management as a full time course along with your 4 or 5 years programme. You will know what can work for you through this. And finally, you will tell if dating as a student is for you or not.

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