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Stop Posting Your Men On Social Media Before You Attract FBI - Popular Vendor, Jaruma Advises Ehi

Popular herbalist vendor Jaruma, took to her Instagram handle to write an open letter to Ehi, the popular interior designer who has been in the news and has been alleged to have snatched her best friend's husband.

Jaruma said Ehi is right for explaining her side of the story but one thing she has to tell her is to stop posting any man she is in a relationship with on social media.

Giving her reasons as to why Ehi should stop posting her men, Jaruma said it is for the sake of their mental health, to avoid the families of the man from spoiling his mind due to the things they are hearing about her on social media.

Jaruma reminded her that every relationship she posted on social media crashed and was used to make jest of her. One of those relationships was MC Oluomo. Jaruma said she would have died if she was the one that MC Oluomo had dumped to marry another woman in their relationship. But Ehi sucked up the embarrassment and public ridicule and moved on from it.

Jaruma said the same thing has started now that she posted another man. She said people have been paid to bring her down, hence the reason why she should not give them a chance by posting her relationship. She stressed the need for Ehi to stop posting her relationship because people have started abusing the man and calling him a yahoo boy which could attract the FBI to start an investigation.

Jaruma demonstrating how people are trying to pull Ehi down

She told her to learn from her story and apply what she has just told her.

Credit: Instagram/Jaruma

Ehi Ogbebor

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