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4 Things That Will Destroy your Relationship If You Are Not Careful.

In a relationship there are some things that can destroy it if you are not careful. I will be listing some of those things, so you can avoid them. 

1. Lack of communication. 

Nothing kills a relationship more than the lack of communication, once your relationship lacks it, your relationship might end, so as a man or woman, always make sure you call your partner at least twice a day and always chat with him or her. That alone will make your relationship strong because communication is one of the keys, always call your partner every day. 

2. Too much misunderstanding. 

Make you try your best to understand your partner, that's very important to understand him or her, so both of you won't always be having misunderstanding because nothing kills a relationship as misunderstanding. What will always come to your mind is breakup. Always stay in love with your partner and try your best to understand each other, that will go a long way. 

3. You are too proud to say I am sorry when you are wrong. 

Don't bring pride into your relationship, when you make your partner angry, don't feel too big to say you are sorry, pride kills a relationship so much, so don't give a room for that, always keep pride aside and love your partner to the last. 

4. Expensive jokes. 

Know the types of jokes you crack with your relationship because we all reason differently and see things from different directions, so know the type of joke you do crack with your partner, but don't forget to always make him or her smile, make each other happy, and be grateful to God that you both met.

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