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Fiction: He knew I have a son, yet he preposed to me. Now he does not want to marry me anymore

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Note, this is a complete fiction story.

I am a young beautiful lady of 26 years. I have a good job, and have also made some financial investments for future financial security.

When I was in three hundred level in the university, I entered into a relationship with a guy who pretented to be in love with me. Unknown to me, his mission was just to use and dump me. Unfortunately for me, before I could discover his mischievous goal, I was already pregnant for him.

When I told him about the development, he denied me and consequently disowned the unborn child. I went through a lot of stressful emotional pains during those periods.

But through God's help and support from my family I was able to deliver the baby and also completed my education.

When I came out of school, God blessed me with a very good job. I have two cars and my own house. Everything was moving on just fine until I met my current boyfriend.

Since I had that ugly experience with the run away father of my son, I have made up my mind never to trust any man. When this guy came knocking, I simply did not want to answer him. But due to the constant pressure from my friends coupled with the fact that he appeared to be different, I decided to give him a try.

I did not hid anything from him. I told him everything about me including my campus episode and my son. He promised to marry me the way I am. And everything was going on well.

But recently, he started acting strange. Our wedding is just a month away and now he is saying he doesn't think the marriage would work. I don't understand what he is talking about. I can't remember offending him.

I am beginning to think that he feels my son will inherit his properties. For me, that is funny because I have made enough for my son, now and for the future. I should be the one to fear because I have more than him.

I am confused completely, I don't know what to do. Please, I really need you to advice me now. My marriage is at stake.

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