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5 Criteria That Make Courting individuals Readily Available For Marriage.

One step after the other before going into marriage, as some courting singles does not always put into consideration these saying before jumping into marriage.

Being getting married is an achievement and a pivotal aspect of life that needs to be handle with utmost care,attention and preparation, below are the five Criterial's that makes courting individuals readily available for marriage.

1. Single individuals going into marriage should ensure they have a good source of income as the needs to settle some financial obligations will always arise, so as not to look dumb and broke when the need be.

2. Before going into marriage I believe the individual must have undergo an edifying marriage seminar where they are going to be taught do and don't of marriage affairs, so as to have a fulfilling and happy marriage life.

3.The single individuals most know very sure that they are not only going to marry each other but to also marry each other while in love with both each other family as well, as this will enhance peace to reign and also create good atmosphere for both families.

4. Union of both families of this single individuals craving to get married must be from the willingness of heart to endorse their marriage with unreserved parental blessing, to make the marriage deeply rooted in love, unity and harmony for life.

5. Must have gone through some educating relationship,courtship and marriage tips and principles on having a fulfilled and successful marriage life that is void of ignorance,negligence and other corruptible constraints that may set their married life in jeopardy.

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