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Causes Of Irregular Menstruation Every Woman Should Beware Of

There are so many women out there who are very much worried about how irregular their menstrual cycle is. The thing is, it is not something to be too worried about.

There are many factors which contribute to your irregular periods.


The kind of foods you eat play a very vital role in regulating your period. Foods that cause irregular period flows are carbs that are low in nutrients, especially unhealthy junk foods.

If you're fond of eating only carbohydrates with little or not nutritional value, you're bound to have irregularities.


Stress induces the production of Cortisol. Cortisol has so many adverse effects on the two major female sex hormones namely; estrogen and progesterone.

Having too much Cortisol only leads to more changes in your menstrual cycle.

Too Much Exercise

Exercise is good, but too much of everything is bad. Exercising too much only drains the energy you would need to sustain yourself during the days of your menstrual flow.

There are many more factors which contribute to your irregular menstrual cycle and they are mentioned in the picture below;

If you are planning on having a regular and an easy to calculate menstrual cycle, then you must abstain from these things mentioned.

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Cortisol Too Much Exercise


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