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Things To Consider Before You Approach A Woman in Public

So, you've met a woman, or at the very least, you can see one across the room. You want to approach her and make an introduction. You're also worried about messing it up. This is a very frequent fear. So, let's go over 6 simple pointers to help you reduce your risk of disaster.

1. When she appears to be at ease, approach her.

You should only approach a woman who appears to be comfortable and in a good mood. Women who are in this mindset are far more likely to engage in discussion.

2. If you notice her staring/smiling at you, approach her.

Has she given you more than one glance and/or smile? Has she looked you in the eyes, smiled, and then quickly moved her head aside, exposing the vulnerable side of her neck/shoulder to you? This is the typical 'come hither' face, and it's most likely an invitation to interact with her.

3. Make an effort to match her level of energy.

Before approaching her, pay attention to her energy level. If she's a high-energy person, it's in your best interests to match her. If she's laid-back, strike up a conversation with her. This isn't always a hard-and-fast rule. However, it's important to avoid overwhelming her or being "boring." A man pursuing a woman can be a lot of things and get away with it, but "boring" isn't one of them.

4. Start a discussion with her.

Striking up a friendly chat can constitute flirting in and of itself. There are a variety of techniques to do so. You may, for example, inquire as to whether she manufactured her earrings, clothing, or other cool item. You may even say something along the lines of, "I couldn't help but notice how your clothing matches your eyes; it's a fantastic color." Don't be afraid to make a witty remark, but refrain from teasing or making fun of her the first time you speak to her. Ask her what her favorite book is or what she's presently reading if you're in a bookstore or comic book store. You may also make a general observation on the venue's atmosphere: "It's very great in here, isn't it?" To break the ice, say something like, "I can't believe they painted the walls orange." You might also complement her on her hairstyle or clothing.

5. Make use of your body language when talking to her

When you're talking to your male friends, you're not facing each other directly. When approaching a woman, you don't want to do the same thing. Approach from the side, or at the very least pivot there after your initial approach. Over your shoulder, talk to her, turning in when you speak and slightly away when she speaks. This is a far more natural method to communicate with her than the "job interview" approach that far too many males take when approaching women.

6. Obtain her phone number

You want to grab a woman's number quickly, especially if you're approaching her during the day or in a location other than a bar or club. How do you go about doing this? Tell her you need her phone number so the two of you can meet up after you've picked her interest and gained her attention. Hand her your phone, which is ready to accept her number, and text her something along the lines of "This is samuel, the hottest guy you've seen all day."

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