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Different Types Of Discharge That Comes Out From A Man's Private Organ And What They Mean

It is normal for a man to experience discharge, coming out from his private organ. This discharge comes out from the urethra, which is a small tube inside the private organ. It is important to know that this discharge is different from urine. This discharge may come out as a result of intimacy.

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Types of discharge from a man's private organ

This article will look at types of discharge that comes out from a man's private organ. They include the following:

1. Pre-sperm

This is a clear fluid that is made by the cowper's glands. These glands can be found close to the urethra. Pre-sperm may come out of a man's private organ during intimacy. Pre-sperm performs the following functions and it includes lubrication of the private organ before intimacy, and it helps to clear acid from the urine that goes out of the private organ.

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2. Sperm and semen

During intimacy, a man's private organ may release a white cloudy substance, that comes out from the top of the private organ. It contains sperm and fluids produced by the prostrate, cowper's gland and the seminal vesicles found in the testicles.

3. Urethritis

This type of disease causes the urethra to become inflammed. You may notice a yellow or green discharge, coming out from your private organ. This is usually caused by getting intimate without protection.

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4. Pus tinged fluid

A man can have urinary tract infection just like a woman. This can be gotten when bacteria from the rectum, goes into the urinary tract because of improper cleaning. You may notice fluid filled with pus coming out from the private organ. This may also occur when you have an infection like gonorrhoea.

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It is important to visit a doctor, when you start noticing abnormal fluids coming out from your private organ.

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