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12 Reasons Why Trust in a Relationship Is Important

Love feels great. Entering a new romantic relationship can feel truly amazing with exciting dates filled with laughter, long walks at late nights, curling up together on the couch. But what doesn’t feel great is being in a relationship without trust. When the love and excitement are replaced with doubt and fear, that’s when things start to turn ugly. And this is why trust in a relationship is sometimes more important than love. Trust is the foundation on which your relationship survives the toughest seasons of life. A relationship without trust will never sustain for a long time, regardless of how much you love each other.

1. Trust and love go hand in hand

If you knew that a person would definitely cheat on you, would you still choose to love them? No. you won’t. No one wants to get their heart broken deliberately. As rational human beings, we can only love people we trust. It is the building block of a relationship. Love is born out of trust. You still may be attracted to that person, but you can’t love them. A relationship that is not based on trust will never survive the test of time.

2. You become a better person

When you trust your partner, you don’t feel uncertain or insecure about spending time apart. You become more open to giving space to your partner. As a result, you can find more time for yourself without worrying about your relationship. This allows both of you to focus on your self-development and become better human beings and partners.

3. Trust leads to acceptance

When you and your partner trust each other, you don’t seek or feel the need to give justifications for every single thing you do. There is no need for explaining yourself as you understand your spouse and their decisions and actions. This helps you accept them as they are without wanting to change them to fit your perception of the ideal partner.

4. It boosts your confidence

Trust can actually help you achieve more in life. When you know that the person you love will be there to support you and love you even when you fail, you feel an inner strength to face and overcome even the harshest challenges. Your partner will give you the confidence to learn new skills and take new initiatives to achieve your dreams and goals.

5. You cannot love without trusting a person.

As mentioned earlier, trust is the building block of love. Just like how a child trusts her mother and thereby loves her, your partner needs to know that you are trustworthy and won’t ditch them in difficult times. This feeling is important for love to sprout and flourish.

6. It helps control your emotions.

The degree to which you trust a person determines how much of yourself you want to give to him/her. If you are hurt or annoyed at them, it is only trust that tells you that there must be some reason behind their annoying behavior.

7. Trust helps overcome obstacles.

It is the binding factor for all cracks and differences in a relationship. You know deep down that you can overcome the problems and feel safe and secure with your partner.

8. We use trust to control our emotions.

We are emotional beings who put more emphasis on the means than the end. We engage ourselves in meaningful relationships that we value. Hence, we use trust to gauge our relationship with others, and in the process, we figure out how much we are willing to give of ourselves to others.

9. Judgment is clouded by love but illuminated by trust.

We think that love can save us from emotional roller coasters. More often than not, we are blinded by what love has to offer—gaining the acceptance, admiration, and approval of others. What we fail to consider is the fact that sometimes, our judgment becomes flawed because there are times when love suppresses reason and we get trapped in its foolish play. Trust, on the other hand, routes us back to the reason we built the relationship establishing a lifelong connection with that person.

10. Trust promotes healing when you are hurt.

Of course, this refers to the hurts that occur in a relationship. Misunderstandings, different expectations or unmet needs, unloving words or actions are just a few of the ways that we can be hurt in a relationship. You can get over the hurts if you have deep trust in your partner. Trust will enable you to heal more quickly and to put the hurts in the past.

11. Trust is reassuring.

If you have the bedrock of trust in your mate, then you are reassured that the relationship will make it. Sometimes you can’t see the outcome of a misunderstanding or difference of opinion, but you know that your relationship will weather the storm and that you will somehow still be together.

12. Freedom

When there is trust in your relationship, you don’t have to constantly explain yourself or your actions and decisions. In addition, you each can have personal space and time when you need it without having to justify why you need it.

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