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"No Lady Loves Me Because Of My Status", Young Man Looking For Love Share Photos Of His Room Online.

Nothing is more enduring that love. Although there are several individual believe about love and relationship.

Most of the ladies belief without money, they can't love a guy while some doesn't care but the fact is that more than 80% of the ladies are actually after the material things, it's called "material facts". Despite the love of money some few ladies still belief that love and money are two different things.

Some people have venture into crime ans other attrocities so that they can be able to afford to take care of their wife or girlfriend. Let assume there is no woman on earth, the world will be cool and without crime. Do you belief that more than 90% crimes done by men are because of woman?. Either for man to show off or meet up with woman demand or proof that money has come. This is a story for another day.

A guy named Aliyu Ibrahim have taken to facebook to expresses his concern while sharing his room pictures.

In his words he narrated how no money is ready to marry him, and ladies abuse and make fun of him because he is poor. And he ask a pertinent if he can find a love in his present status and condition.

Now the question as a lady can date Aliyu. Guys what is your advice to our friend Aliyu who is in need of a woman.

Guys and ladies what do you think?

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Aliyu Aliyu Ibrahim


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