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The Causes Of Breakups In Relationships

Love is a very beautiful thing,it means you have someone with whom you can share your burden with,someone who can hold you close when the storms and rains are coming in life.

In such case taking it alone with be very hard,but with a partner life goes on pretty much easier.But the reality of most relationships it doesn't always turn out like that.Most times it goes the opposite ways of how it began.Relationships require lot of work and effort from both partners,one sided love is a bad thing in a relationship,if you are experiencing such,I advise you to just end it or try to talk things out with your partner.Now I'm gonna be telling you the major causes of breakups in a relationship.

1.Lack Of Communication

One common cause is lack of communication,when a relationship is going through hard times,it is wise for both of them to sit down and talk out things.This will help them sort out their differences,but most people don't rather they ignore themselves or behave passive which is just building up to something worse.Sorting things out will actually save the relationship and improve it.

2.Lies and lack of trust


  This is one of the most popular cause.When a partner is lying most times and you forgive them you tend to over look it but you will loose trust in your partner and eventually when it's too much or you've had enough it will lead to a break up.They can also lie in order to break up with you and they will try to do so first.

3.Flirting with another outside your relationship

When you flirt even tho it's a friendly flirt or it's a habit your partner will start to be suspicious which is a bad thing.

4.You have nothing to offer

In a relationship both parties are gaining something from the other either emotional, financial or sexual.Such must be reciprocated among both.But in your relationship,if you feel the other has nothing to offer,no point continuing.


This is very simple to understand,when a partner is not faithful in a relationship,expect a breakup.Most people won't be willing to forgive cause it's not acceptable.

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