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5 Things You Can do as a Man to Reduce or Eradicate Fight and Misunderstanding in Your Marriage.

Marital misunderstanding is one trait that cannot be completely eroded from any relationship, but it can be managed and reduced. The reason for marital strife between couples can be attributed to their different philosophies and perception of life and the inability to adjust to each other’s terms.

As a man who wants to achieve peace and tranquillity in his home, it becomes important you adopt certain traits that can guide you into achieving this. Below are some of them.

1. Always be attentive to your woman’s needs and complaints.

Making complaints is a natural phenomenon that is associated with most ladies. As a matter of fact; many women use it as a medium to express their displeasure or feelings about a particular issue. When she presents a complaint before you, it only becomes necessary you pay close attention to the point she is making. The idea of shutting your woman completely because you feel she is nagging or she’s probably constituting a nuisance is one act that can give rise to unnecessary domestic conflict.

2. Avoid the “I am the boss mentality”.

Most men are of the thought that since they provide for the home and pay the bills; it automatically makes them the alpha and omega of the home. Well, you might be correct to an extent, but you should bear in mind that such a mentality won’t stimulate a fun-loving home where your wife and children can easily express their feelings. In other to prevent the possibility of a future occurrence of tension in your home, you should learn to carry your wife along and see her as having the same right as you - and not some sort of servant you bought from the market.

3. Always involve your wife in the decision-making process.

Yes, I know you are the man of the house, and your position allows you to make decisions concerning the wellbeing of the family, but can you at least involve your wife in the decision-making process? The rationale behind this is first; to recognize her importance and role in the family, and secondly; to allow her to contribute to an issue.

4. You should be flexible in your decision and learn to compromise.

Making compromise is one practice that is essential for the success of any relationship, most especially the romantic one. As a man who seeks to achieve tranquillity in his love life, it becomes important to be flexible in your actions and also make the necessary adjustments to suit your partner. Although, this adjustment might not be convenient for you, however; you should do it to keep a peaceful home.

5. Always learn to apologize when necessary.

There is no point claiming rights when you are obviously wrong, as a matter of fact; such an attitude can amount to marital conflict and strive. Apologizing for your wrongs is capable of saving your relationship from tension, fight and even collapse.

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