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Four Love Messages You Can Send To Your Heart Desire


Trust me, this fOUR messages will surely melt her heart. well, this no 1 maybe be a little confession from me to my crush as well, you don't need to ask for names but you can call her fish. lol, don't mind this dude, HERE ARE THE FOUR LOVE MESSAGES BELOW;

1. For the very first time i set my eyes on you, i totally lost control because that very moment, all i saw was an Angel full of beauty and all the good things i ever seek for. I actually don't know how but my feelings for you increases every seconds, minutes, hours, day by day, all i feel now is spending the rest of my life with you. I simply have a confession to make now that I am in love with you and yes, this is my true feelings for you and it will always be like that for the rest of my life. I can't just stop thinking because you have shown me the best reason for me to fall in love with you and i can't afford to loose you and this very opportunity. 

2. I know i am few distance away from you, but be rest assured that my heart is sitting right next to yours. Just thinking about you makes my world go around, you are my dream in the night and my bustle by the day. you make my life complete. I heard a funny beat in my heart, so i asked a doctor what was the cure, he said i shouldn't worry, that you are my remedy. All i need is you. I love you.

3. I may or may not be a prince or even a royalty, but you are nothing less than a Princess. Your charm and everything about you is just so royal.Just thinking of you makes me smile. ignore the shaking of my lips, overlook my stuttering, do not consider my nervousness, Everytime i see you, i am speechless and go breethless and this simply shows that i am in love with you.

4. Faith makes all things work,

Love keeps all things going,

Hope makes all things possible, but you make faith, love, and hope become a reality. I love you. 

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