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5 Signs You Are In The Wrong Relationship

There are many people who are in a wrong relationship but they don't know. They just realize that things are not going well as before and as much as they try to fix things, it goes worst. It is quite painful but here are 5 signs that you are in a wrong relationship

1. Your Partner Is Your Harshest Critic: 

Criticisms are good but it becomes bad when it is not constructive. The last person you will expect not to receive constructive criticisms from is your partner. If they love you, they will try to correct your mistakes and tell you how to do it better next time, not by talking indirectly. If you have a partner that is not ready to willingly correct you with love, then you are in the wrong relationship. 

2. You Need To Change Yourself To Keep Your Partner Satisfied

If you cannot be yourself around the person that claims to love you, then what is the essence of the relationship. There is no reason why you should change your amazing personality for someone. You might have many bad habits and you know them, but as long as this person is not very to conform to your belief and is not ready to make you happy, then you might be in the wrong relationship. Yeah, you might have to compromise but it must not change the authentic you. When someone loves you, then they love everything about you and if there are things you need to change from, you will resolve together.

3. Their Insecurity Leads To Controlling Behavior

There are certain partners who just want to change you; they want you to look a certain way, sound a certain way and behave a certain way. If you are in a relationship with this category of people, you seem to be in a prison and you can't do the things you want to do. The person is constantly checking where you are, who you are chatting with, what you are doing e.t.c. You are in a wrong relationship if you allow that to continue. 

4. You Want To Do Your Favourite Things With Another Person

Why should you want to do your favorite thing with another person when you have the love of your life? When you start feeling this way, you need to check yourself because it could look as if you are in that relationship because of what you are getting. You are definitely in the wrong relationship because you will definitely not appreciate anything your partner does. 

5. You Do Not Share The Same Sense Of Humour

When you began your relationship, everything you did to each other was funny. You could just look at each other's faces and start laughing. But suddenly, things change and your jokes are no longer funny to your partner. You need to check yourself and examine what went wrong because that's not how it used to be. You might be in the wrong relationship if you can't see the humor in the little things that make you happy.

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