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6 Things You Probably Don't know About This Twin Making Waves Online

6 Things You Probably Don't know About These Twins Making Waves Online

I have seen many twins before but these ones are different. They are so different in the sense that they are already doing what adults are doing. They are already breaking limits and making their parents proud at this their age. Seeing them makes me wonder the kind of parents they have. I so much applaud them for raising these kinds of kids that must make things happen when they are grown up. 

Before now, I know you must have seen them online somehow but it is not everything you certainly know about them.

For that reason, I have decided to put together 6 things you probably don't know about them so that you can know. Ride with me!

1. Their names are Olivia Daramola A.k.a Mama

And Olianna Daramola A.k.a Lilly

Born in 2015 which means they are currently 5 years old. 

2. They are both Fashion Models. They began modeling when they were little even as they are still little. They are good at showing their swags despite their age. They do what other grown up Models do without much deficiencies. 

Check them out and see;

3. Their mother is responsible for molding their talents.

According to their mother, Adetutu Daramola, when she gave birth to them, there were so beautiful that anytime she take them out, people would admire them and say they can be good Models.

She also said when they were learning how to sit and stand, they do pose somehow and like looking at the camera so she then felt modeling is in their blood so she decided to train them.

4. Both of them have future ambitions. While Olianna Daramola (Lilly) want to become a Dentist so can treat people's teeth, Olivia Daramola (Mama) want to be a doctor so she can treat the sick. 

5. Their father's name is Mr. Kunle Daramola, a handsome man who got married to a beautiful woman and gave birth to Beautiful Children.

6. They have other two siblings. The Daramola's family is not only blessed with the twins but also have other two kids making their children 4 all together. One unique thing about this family is that, they are so fashion inclined. Check them out;

Above all, they are amazing Children who are doing well in school despite Modeling. 

Do you love them? 

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