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3 Warning Signs You Are In A Wrong Relationship

To love and be loved is one of the sweetest experience in any relationship. It is however, an experience which rarely occurs when one is in a wrong relationship.Being in a wrong relationship is always a sour experience.

Here are the three warning signs that you are in a wrong relationship:

 1. Fear

You are in a wrong relationship if you are always afraid of your partner. If you find it difficult to freely express yourself without fear of being abused physically or emotionally, you are definitely in a wrong relationship.

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2. Low Self-Esteem

Any relationship that makes you think and feel less of yourself is a red flag. That shows that you are in the wrong relationship.

 3. Shifting of blames

If you find yourself in a relationship, where you are often blamed for every mishap and your partner rarely admits his or her fault, then you are in the wrong relationship.

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