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If You Offend Your Lady, Here are 7 Messages You Can Send to Calm her Down

In a relationship there must be times when you two will have one issue or the others. When this happens, a lot of men don't know what to say to their lady aside from just simple sorry.

Which will take her more time to think about it before giving you a "I agree or do not agree answer". So what can you say to her in order to get her to calm down faster?

In this article, I am going to be talking about 7 messages you can send to calm her down.

1. " I don't enjoy making you mad but you are just so hot when you are"

Trust me most ladies try to flash out a blushing smile when you say this as they will know that you are genuinely sorry for your actions.

This might not generally solve the situation but it will calm her down in such a way that you will have time to discuss it.

2. "I hate fighting with you what do I do to make it stop"

Most ladies love when you openly tell them that you don't feel happy when they are sad and that you are genuinely sorry for your actions.

3. "I am Sorry"

Sometimes the "I am Sorry" statement also works like magic. Some ladies love when you bring yourself down to tell them that you are sorry.

4. "I am sorry that I hurt you, can I come over so you will slap me"

Sometimes ladies just love a guy who is apologetic and also funny. They win the heart of most people.

5. "Every minute you spent being angry with me makes me feel sad"

6. " For my sake, I hope you are as forgiving as you are pretty"

7. " We are better together, stop being mad at me, please.

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