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Meet the 16 year old girl who upcycle used tyres for household furniture.

To be independent is very easy but most of our youth nowadays are ignorant of this fact.

They rather resort to “taxing" of relations i.e. uncles, aunties, cousins etc for money instead of working hard to earn a living.

I always feel devastated each time I hesr a grown up especially guys grumbling that his uncle or aunt didn't want to assist him financially.

It's so annoying and disheartening. How can you subject yourself to unending struggles. Now listen, there's no way on this planet earth that you will be born with a wooden and still be successful without working really hardwork.

Here's are inspiring photos of a 16 year old girl who has taken it upon herself to push harder and bring out the best of her.

Go through them and be inspired.

Here's an advice, it is high time you took it upon yourself and become the plot of your own plane.

You should know that everybody have bigger dream(s) but what you do after those dreams determine whether they will be actualized or stillborn.

Be glad to start from the menial work to backup for dreams.

You can't spend 90% of your time sleeping and expect things to work out in your favour.

I remain yours.


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