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9 Health Benefits Of Making Love

There are many benefits of making love. it could be psychological, physical or mental but we will be discussing about how it improves our health generally. Here are 10 benefits of making love

1. It gives you a radiant youthful glow

Even as an adult, making love makes you look radiant and bright. You have the confidence that you just did something you enjoyed, expecially when it is with your spouse or lover. You smile more often and smiling makes one look young.

2. It improves your fitness

It also helps you to remain fit and strong. Due to the energy you put into that natural activity, your bones stretches and you are feeling very strong. This is the physical benefit.

3. Sex reduces stress

It also reduces stress on a high level because it makes you forget the activity that stressed you up. You are heavily involved with someone or something you love and that will be you focus. It improves your mental health. 

4. It gives you sounder sleep

You sleep with much lightness because you have done something that you really wanted to so. When it is done with the right person, it makes the sleep more sound. You sleep from the tiredness of making love and you wake up with much strength.

5. It fends off colds and flues

This is one of the major benefits of making love. At that moment, you can be assured that you won't know cold. All you will feel is pressure and warmth from your partner and that is very good for the body. 

6. It eases annoying aches and pains

It stretches your body and reduces the possibility of you having annoying body aches and pains. It is also a physical benefits because it eases those pains without the use of pills or pain relief.

7. It lightens monthly period and cramps

For ladies, it reduces the possibility of having cramps and it also lighting your monthly period. This should possibly be done with some medications from the doctor but fortunately, making love does that.

8. It strengthen bladder control

It also controls and strengthens your bladder because your urinary system is also put into action when you are making love. everything works together for the good of your body. 

9. It reduces risk of prostrate cancer

Prostate Cancer is marked by an uncontrolled, malignant growth of cells in the prostate gland. Making love however reduces this possibility because it controls the cell's growth basically.

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