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5 necessary things you need to know that will change your life positively

Life is never an easy adventure, a lively sojourn or a simple task. Before you can live a memorable life that nearly all the persons that have contact with you will have no choice but to either admire your achievements or envy your success, you would have, no doubt, sailed through different hurdles that would have served as barricades to other people.

I will not bore you with unnecessary essay as I am not a certified counselor or a motivational speaker. However, it is good to lift spirits of others with well welded motivating sayings. I will enjoin you not be in a hurry and read to the end.

1. No man will reign forever: every human being needs to understand that his/her life has an expiry date. Though, unlike goods and all other products we buy from the mall, human being expiry date is not visible and nobody can say, confidently, when his/her life will end. Only God is immortal and every man is a mortal animal. We all know that it does not rain forever. So, no body will reign forever, too. So, deal with people as if you will die any moment, help as many people as you can and never be wicked to anybody. Whatever position you find yourself, you need to be very calm and relate positively with other people.

2. Do not be afraid to take a bold step: you need to know that lack of courage has denied millions of people the access to what they would have gained and achieved successfully. It doesn't matter how well you wait; how well and how perfect you approach it is what matters. I admonish you, at this moment, to take that bold positive steps that will change your life for good

3. Do not be confined to an idea: when you approached a problem with a method and it did not work out well for you, the right thing to do is to try another method. Do not be fixed to a method because your predecessors, your friends, you family or your colleagues try the same method and it worked out for them. You need to think straight and figure out what will work out for you, and how you can make it work.

4. Do not be talkative: I must say that most people that cannot sleep without informing their friends or family members do not wake up to say good morning to them. You need to keep confidential information and data very personal. Publicising your progress, especially when you are yet to make it to the top, can be so implicating. You need to hustle like a man without a family, and celebrate your wins like Abraham, the father of all nations.

5. Challenge your challenges: Once you spot any challenge that may delay your success or deny you of them, it is right and very advisable for you to challenge it instantly before it grows to a level that you will not be able to overcome it anymore. If a man can challenge his challenges, he will definitely overcome it. I exhort you to say this expression to yourself every morning; 'Dear me, challenge your challenges before your challenges challenge you; because, if your challenges challenge you first, you will not be able to challenge your challenges.'

Your opinion will be greatly appreciated on these admonitions. You can kindly share them with your friends and love ones so that, if you found any sense in them, they can also benefit from them.

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